Instagram flashback: June

Still very busy right now, and hardly ever on the internet these days, the weaher is just too nice to spend time inside. I can't believe it's already July! Ramadan hast started and to make it a little easier for M. I decided to try a little fasting myself. I'm drinking water though but I will try and eat only after sunset with him.

Now let's see what I've been up to in June:

We started June with a little trip to Paris! It was beautiful, we walked around and took pictures, had fantastic lebanese food and I ought 2 macarons, hoping I might like them this time, as they were authentical parisienne macarons, but no, I really do not like macarons. At all.

The weekend after we went to Switzerland. We visited a friend there and aside from having the best time with her, we had the best weather ever, so most of the time was spent in or next to the water (little waterfall first and then swimming in the Rhine!) I love this country, I really really do.

Okay, the wedding picture is actually the last day of May, but I'll still include it because it was such a special day, my second ever wedding! It was an Afghan / Persian wedding and it was beyonf beautiful ad luxurious! // Also, we loved all the fresh fruit in June, but those pomegranates? I mean they don't usually are the size of a human head, right?

And of course a lot of running, healthy snacking and studying at the public pool! My new favourite time to go on a run is right before the sun sets, the air is not as hot, the sky looks beautiful and you try to be a bit faster just so you can reach your goal before it gets dark.

I hope you had a great June as well!


  1. Oooh I love Paris too! Haven't been there too often as it freaks me out that I don't speak the language and am so afraid of getting lost, but it's just so dreamy. And how can you not like macarons? They're delicious! ;)
    Hope your July will be just as great as your June!