June wishes

This is a weird post to make since, if I am being honest, all of my wishes for June already came true.
I was hoping for a chance to travel a little and get away for a few days, and we have already been to Paris and Switzerland this month.
I had the most beautiful days these past 2 weeks. Breakfast at place du tertre, watching all the artist draw; swimming in cold water with a very happy dog and afterwards drying in the sun with a really good book (finally time to read!)
Enjoying people - I really love people watching and listening and just being around people I feel comfortable with.

Right now, there's an electrician running around our flat installing new electrical outlets because my new kitchen will arrive this weekend. FINALLY. I will have an oven again. I will actually be able to cook something beside salad again.

Even yesterday, the darkest day of the year for me as it marks the day I have lost my father 3 years ago, was filled with sunshine and love and spending time with my mother at my father's favourite place.

And to top it all off, there might even be a fantastic opportunity on the horizon.
This is a very boring wishes-post, mainly because I am so grateful for everything, I couldn't wish for more.
Maybe only one thing: let this stay.
Let there be even more lovely moments. A month to keep me wish-less.

Oh I can actually think of a wish: Visits. I would love for some of my friends to come visit me!


  1. Wir haben echt Glück, dass Paris so nah liegt. ;)

    Viele Grüße,

    Bearnerdettes Welt

  2. ...du hübsches Ding - ganz ganz tolle Bilder - die Farben stehen dir perfekt.

    Hast du Lust beim "look of the month" mit zu machen? Thema im Juni: Der Festival Look.
    Alle Info´s zur Teilnahme findest du hier: look of the month


  3. Oh, Paris. Ich würde so gerne nochmal hin, hatte bisher nur einmal das Glück, während eines Bahnhofwechsels zwei Stunden Paris-Luft zu schnuppern:)
    Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende,

  4. happy is not boring, you should definitely savor it and enjoy it :)
    your post makes me happy, it's nice to read something optimistic and joyful.