busy bee

You know those weeks when everything has to be done at once?
This is such a week. A kitchen to build, a paper to write, a presentation to prepare and a workout plan to stick to.
My flat looks like a huge mess seeing as all of the kitchen stuff is stored in the living room, including the washing machine which means no laundry either. So we live in the bedroom right now.
Ugh, I hope things will be abck to normal as soon as possible and I can start cooking and taking pictures and DO STUFF at my desk again. I am using my bed as a desk and it's not even half as good as it sounds.

Picture was taken by M. at the American church in Paris (it's so funny to me how he can never quite get his pictures straight, they are always a bit... crooked. But I really didn't want to crop anything out of this picture. It's so good.)


  1. What a gorgeous picture! I hope things are back to normal for you soon.

  2. it's called creative freedom. M. is an artist! urgh, Lisa.

    (p.s. habe heute nacht von dir geträumt und bin deswegen eigentlich arg sauer auf dich, weil du mir nicht sagen wolltest, wo die schönsten plätze in bayern sind!
    p.p.s: sag M. Hallo von mir. und auch von L. <3 )

    1. :D you're right! I just can't embrace his creativity, I'm too jealous!

      (Neuschwanstein!!! Ich war aber doch noch nie in Bayern D: Sag L. auch Hallo von mir und M. und dann sag D. dass er mit dem Rest der FF mal wieder vorbei kommen soll.)