A little trip to Paris: Day 1

It's been almost a month since we went to Paris and I finally managed to edit & sort all of the pictures.
Growing up, I lived right next to the French border (I even lived in France for three years) so Paris was always the number one option when we wanted to skip school. The train is so fast, you're there in less than two hours.
Usually, when things are hyped that much I find myself being disappointed with the actual thing (hello Tangle Teezer!). But not Paris. You simply cannot be disappointed with Paris. Just like the first time I saw the Taj Mahal, you kind of want it to be less monumental than all the pictures make it seem, but then you realize none of the pictures did it any justice!

We arrived late in the afternoon, around 16:00, so we just dropped off the bags, grabbed some Pizza and went straight into the city. M. has never been to Paris before so I thought it might be nice to start with the Notre Dame and then have a long walk along the Seine towards the Eiffel tower. It's so easy to get around Paris with the tube, but to me travelling is always the most fun when you can walk around. This way you discover so many beautiful little things you might miss otherwise.

Of course Notre Dame was super crowded and I am not someone who enjoys the inside of churches very much, so we didn't spend a lot of time there and continued our walk. We passed a lot of street vendors, flowershops, little markets, huge buildings, streetart and bridges. In just about two hours I fell in love with Paris all over again. And with the French, I know I hated them when I was a waitress (French people never tip) but it's all forgotten, they are wonderful people!

When it was getting dark we picked some random brasserie to have some food and wine and cheese (I think I ate goat cheese about 5 times during 24 hour stay, I can't help it) and later we watched the Eiffel tower glow & sparkle. The last time I saw this I was about 7 years old and ever since I have wanted to see it again so badly, so maybe I was a little too excited and M. might have been a little annoyed with my constant 'LOOK HOW IT SPARKLES!'

If you want to see more pictures or want to see them in full size & better quality, here's the Flickr album ! (Just don't steal anything!)
Have you been to Paris and how did you like it?

<3 Lisa


  1. so sorry that your waiting experience was crap... i've lived in paris for about three years, too, and i never met anyone who wouldn't leave a tip o.O
    it's kinda funny... i always loved to start off with the eiffel tower with my guests (go there straight with the metro so it would be the first famous sight they saw) and then walk back towards the city... i love that it's so easy to walk everywhere in paris...

    in my last apartment i could see the sparkling eiffel tower from my windows... highlighting my every day..... gosh, i miss it, although i never thought i would :D

    1. ja, was hab' ich in paris gemacht... hmhm... gelebt, geliebt... und ein wenig gearbeitet :D ich bin damals zu meinem zukünftigen mann gezogen (wenn du muse hast, kannst du dich ja einfach mal durch meinen blog klicken)... mittlerweile leben wir aber seit fast einem jahr in berlin.

  2. TOTAL tolle Bilder !!!!! So gar nicht die üblichen Paris Bilder ;)) Ich finde es total schön, dass du auch die Menschen fotograhpiert hast ;) Und hast recht Paris ist echt eine wundervolle Stadt ;)

  3. Richtig schöne Bilder!!! Tolle Eindrücke und toll fotografiert!!! Ich möchte irgendwann auch mal nach Paris

    FOLLOW MY BLOG / Maybe we can follow each other!!!

  4. Die Bilder sind wunderschön!
    Ich war noch niemals in Paris, aber wir haben gerade unsere Fahrt dorthin gebucht für Ende September... Ich freu mich so sehr! Nun müssen wir nur noch eine nette Unterkunft finden.

  5. Ach Mensch bei diesen wunderschönen Bildern bekommt man doch direkt wieder Fernweh, aber wirklich ganz, ganz toll fotografiert :-)!
    Lg Ronja

  6. oh my god, I do miss beautiful Paris so much...

    and should we talk about your hair ? holy f.ck, it's gorgeous !

  7. Ooh your pictures are gorgeous! As is Paris. I love how you've captured other people as well, I think those are my favourites.