Let's cook: strawberry tartelettes

Ah, strawberry season. The best time of the year.
This post was inspired by my friend Marei who is not only the biggest strawberry tartelette enthusiast, but also the most wonderful person you'll ever meet. I remember her bringing tartelettes to work all the time last year and when I saw these beautiful strawberries* at the supermarket today, I couldn't help but desperatly crave a good strawberry tartelette.
(*I only ever buy regional strawberries, they cost about twice as much but it's worth it!)

I haven't mentioned this before, but this new apartment came with really bad news: there is no oven. NO. OVEN. GUYS. It's a nightmare. No cake, no lasagna, no cheese crust on everything, no baked cheese, no spinach rolls. No quiche!
This is not acceptable. So we spent all the money we had saved up on a new kitchen which should arrive in 2-3 weeks, until then I satisfied my craving for homemade cake with a compromise:
store bought tartelette crusts.
They are surprisingly good, I will admit that. Basically, they taste like cookies, but that's not a bad thing at all.

Now prepare for a very complicated recipe:
mix together non-fat curd & stevia, spread on your tartelettes and add whichever fruit you like best (although there is nothing better than strawberries, let's be real here). That's it.
It's so easy, so delicious and it takes about 10 minutes.

For those of you with not enough time to bake (or those who have no oven, my heart goes out to you!) this is a perfect alternative and it still feels 'homemade'.
Btw: this is also a great alternative for the vegetarians of you, who have a hard time finding fruity cakes without gelatine!
I know I'll be eating a lot of these until my oven arrives and I can make actual cakes and tartes again.


  1. du hast einen total schönen blog :D
    ich mag dein design und die törtchen sehen echt super lecker aus :D

  2. WUA, Erdbeeren ♥
    Das sieht so lecker aus!

    Liebst, :-)

  3. Das sieht einfach nur traumhaft lecker aus! Du hast wirklich Talent, sowohl fürs kochen, als auch für die gute Inszenierung auf Fotos :)

    Viele Grüße aus Nürnberg


  4. woah das sieht soooo lecker aus!! Ich würde die jetzt sofort alle futtern :)

    Liebst, Nicole

  5. Das schaut wirklich super lecker aus! Und deine Bluse find ich auch ganz hübsch :)

  6. I'm like, really craving these right now. Please do share a recipe to make the tartelettes yourself in the oven, I'm dying to know a good one! Also, I feel you on the oven pain. Ours was being replaced a year ago and we didn't have one for a week. Only a week and it was hell. Be strong! ;)