Let's cook: chocolate crêpes

And so the strawberry madness continues.
This time we'll have them on crêpes. But not just any crêpes, no these are whole wheat, sugar-free chocolate crêpe. Go on an try to beat that, I dare you.
They are also fast and easy to make.
I think crêpes were the first things I could cook and I remember making them a lot when I finally figured out how to make them. I have tried them in many different varieties, but I have never had chocolate crêpe, so when I saw a picture of them, I simply had to try.

What I love most about these delicious better-than-pancakes is that you can stuff them with everything. Fruit, chocolate, candybars, nutella, peanut butter, jelly, just some sugar, cream cheese, honey... the list goes on and on. Personally, I love them with just some powdered sugar, fresh fruit and a sprinkle of honey.
In winter I'm a big fan of putting some liquor in my crêpes (creamy ones work best).

To make 8 crêpes, here's what you'll need:

2 eggs
1.5 cup of whole wheat flower
1 cup milk (or split it into milk & water)
4 tablespoons cocoa powder (non-sweetened)
2 tablespoons stevia (give and take depending on your preference)

mix until well combined, the mix should be runny.

Now the universal truth about crêpe-making is this: you will always mess up the first one.
And not only the first one ever, but the first crêpe of each batch will either be too thick or too thin, it will burn or won't be cooked through, you will rip it or drop it. Whatever it will be, the first one won't ever turn out good.
Truth be told, if it's your first attempt, there's a good chance more than one crêpe will have some misfortunate accident. It's a fine art this crêpe-thing.
But practice makes perfect.

1. Now what you have to do is heat some butter in a pan (use a large, non-sticky one).
2. When the butter has melted, add the crêpe-mixture: add JUST ENOUGH to cover the bottom of the pan. Really, less is more in this case!
3. Move your pan around until the dough is spread out very thin and covers the bottom completely.
You'll notice it's time to flip them when the edges begin to curl up or you can see the top starting to get dry.
4. Flip and let cook for another few seconds (but not more than 30).

Repeat until you're out of mixture.
Eat your crêpes right away or make enough to eat over the next days, I usually make about 12 - 16 and have them for breakfast.


  1. Mmmhh, das sieht toll aus!!! Habe so ein Rezept noch nirgendwo gesehen! Und zuckerfrei?? Das ist ja super!
    Die Bilder gefallen mir auch super gut!


    1. Wie schön, dass es dir gefällt :) Probiers aus, ich hoffe es schmeckt dir
      (nutz die Erdbeerzeit!!!)

      <3 Lisa

  2. Ohhh sieht das lecker aus!!! Das muss ich unbedingt mal ausprobieren! Sehr tolles Rezept und super schöne Bilder :)
    Liebst, Sarah

    1. dankeschön :)
      probier es jetzt solange die Erdbeeren frisch sind!

      <3 Lisa

  3. Woah woah woah.. lecker! Ich glaub ich muss das heute sofort nachmachen :D

    XX, Nicole


    1. jaa! Tu es!Du wirst es nicht bereuen :)

      <3 Lisa

  4. holy molly, these look super delicious !!
    the upside of the 1st failed crepes is that you get to eat it right away :)