diy: easy peasy felt brooches for spring

This spring, to demonstrate my love for flowers, berries and everything 'spring', I came up with this really easy DIY to brighten up clothes and rainy days alike.
If you have a really evolved, grown-up style this is probably not really interesting for you. I love heartshaped sunglasses and wear chucks with dresses all the time, so yeah, daisy brooches are right up my alley.
Even if you wouldn't want to be caught dead with a daisy brooch, this project would be very fun for kids! You could do the cutting & sewing part but I bet they'd love to wear their self-designed, self-glued brooches.

You'll need:
- felt
- glue
- scissors
- needle & thread (or a sewing machine)
- safety pins

decide on an object, obviously. You could try and not be as predictable as I was and chose something like a tulip or a sunflower, however, I went with a daisy and a strawberry. Oh Lisa.
Now if you are a very good at simplistic drawing, just draw on your outlines and cut them out. I did so with the strawberry.
I'm not good at drawing flowers though, so I printed out a really simple daisy vector, cut it out and used it as a model.

Now here's an advice that I figured out AFTER I finished this little project: sew on the pin now. Use a scrap piece of felt to secure the pin on the very last piece of felt, this way, after you have glued it all together, there won't be any visible seams (I glued first and sewd then, that's why you can see seams in mine).
Also, now is a good time to stitch on any extras to your felt (like the kernels on the strawberry).

Now that you have all your tiny felt pieces, you should glue them together, you could also stitch them together I suppose but glue works for me.
However be careful to not use a super liquid / runny glue since it will seep thorugh the felt and damage it. I used regular crafting glue (the white stuff) but make sure it mentions on the label that it's gonna work on fabric.
Use a peg to hold it all together while the glue is drying. Leave them over night and carefully remove the peg.

Wear it with pride!


  1. Süße Idee. Der Erdbeere passt ja zu deinem Tattoo. Hast du auch einen Apfel gemacht?