Spring makes me a believer.
I know religion isn't a topic one should talk about in their blog, but I don't think I am offending anybody when I say I am not a religious person. I consider myself very spiritual though, but it isn't always easy. I'm a doubter. A question asker. A proof needer.
But then I see nature resurrect out of greyness, flowers bloom where ice has been.
And I feel so connected to all of it.
(It also seems with every year that passes I become more and more of a hippie.)

Currently, I am...

thinking about: travelling. Always, all the time. It's been far too long and I feel the Wanderlust in my bones. My heart longs to explore the world again.

listening to: let's not talk about my quirk of not falling asleep without listening to The Three Investigators audiobooks. Let's talk about music. While going through all my old music and mourning the loss of my iPod, I rediscovered an old favourite and can't stop listening to the Mountain Goats ever since. Genius.

reading: I'm re-reading one of my favourite books: "Drop City" by T.C.Boyle. It's a novel about a hippie commune filled with free spirits, free love and free drugs. They live together in California until they decide to move the entire commune to Alaska in the naive expectation of pure nature and  acceptance, however nature is not so peaceful up there, and winter tears the community slowly apart. It's a social study really and he's an amazing storyteller.

working on: running. I set myself some goals that I am trying to achieve and I am so excited to finally get close (run everyday for at least 30 minutes, run my first 10 km in the next 4 weeks, get faster, etc...)

disappointed in: our ever-growing wastefulness. A German cellphone service provider is now advertising with "get a new smart phone every year". Why would anyone in their right mind need a new phone every year? Where do people think their old phones go? We are living in an age of pollution of oceans and littering all over the planet. How can you even think about promoting such a thing?
We are throwing away stuff all of the time, because nothing has any value anymore, everything is disposable. I am disgusted by myself when I see the amount of plastic I have to throw away every week.
And don't even get me started on the coltan issue. Or Primark.

excited about: just while I was here complaining about our wastefulness, an article popped up on my facebook-feed about a shop in Berlin that is using NO PACKAGING. Everything comes as it i and when you buy it you have to bring your own containers etc. No redundant plastic packaging. I love this. Read more about it here!

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