diy: 30 minutes tablet case

We've got this tablet a while back with our tv & internet contract in Switzerland but until now we've  only used it to listen to audiobooks at night, but now that I'm going to school I found out how useful this little thing is when you don't want to print and carry hundreds of pages of scripts with you. However, I like to be careful with my things and carrying a tablet around without any protection made me feel really uncomfortable. Hence this project.

What you'll need:
thick felt (I bought 40cm x 120cm and I have enough leftovers to make a second case)
elastic band
one button
some scrap fabric
sewing machine, thread, scissors and a pen

1: First measure how much felt you'll need by placing the tablet about 1 cm from the edges, mark with a pen, double the length and then add another 10cm for the flap.

2: Cut!

3: Fold at your mark and sew on the sides.

4: Put a 10cm piece of elastic under a scrap piece of fabric and sew to the inside of the flap (place it in the middle!), make sure a small loop stays outside. Fold the flap over and mark where the loop meets the case, this is where you'll add the button (by hand).

5: (optional:) add another piece of scrap fabric to the flap to hide the stitches from where you attached the elastic.

As you see, my stitches are still all wobbly and especially with thick fabric such as this, it's not always easy and there's so much left to learn, but it's these easy little projects that help me make progress little by little.
I am still rather proud of how it turned out and think I will make another one with black fabric so M. can take the tablet to school when he needs it (he's not that big of a fan of polka dots, so sad).
You can costumize this to your heart's desires and add another pocket for headphones or a pen etc.


  1. Super Idee! Ich habe nur kein Tablet. :D Aber die Idee ist trotzdem toll.

    Danke für deine Kommentare. Ist der Hair Doctor zu zäh?

    Die Storm Palette hatte ich mir auch angeschaut. :D Ich mag momentan metallische Farben (Kupfer, Silber) und kühle Töne ganz gerne. =)

    1. Haham ja der Nutzen beschränkt sich dann natürlich ein wenig :D

      Ja, also ich hab sehr sehr dickes Haar (du erinnerst dich vielleicht) und so eine schlammige Paste (auch wenn sie gut wirkt und riecht und so) in meinen Haaren zu verteilen wird da schonmal zur Herrausforderung für meine Geduld...

      Storm ist halt echt super für den Herbst vor allem, die dunklen grün & blau Töne sind super, vor allem wenn man sonst eben keine Farben benutzt (so wie ich).

    2. Ah ja, das mit den Haaren kann ich mir vorstellen. :D

      Mich reizt auch Sunset sehr, wegen den warmen Farbnuancen. =)

  2. how cool ! I would love to make one, but then I'll need a tablet... :)

    1. thank you! oh it's quite useful for a notebook and pens as well, if I could I would put every little thing in its own pocket :D