6 things that helped me not go crazy while having a cold

I had my entire week planned: printing half a million pages for school, doing the laundry, trying all the recipes from this new magazine and of course write some blog posts but then I had a cold the entire week and because I cannot skip school or work my usual tactic of 'sleep until it goes away' wasn't an option.

So I figured I needed to find a couple of new things that would make me feel better as soon as possible, preferably things I already have at hand. (careful though, if you are having an actual viral influenza you should go see a doctor!)

1. water: drink. all. the. time. Carry a stainless steel or BPA-free plastic bottle with you everywhere you go and drink every 5 minutes. I mean it. I trained very hard to be able to drink 3 - 4 litres a day and I know this seems like a lot when you don't pay attention to it usually, but belive me this is the minimum you should drink when you're sick. Of course it doesn't have to be all water, tea will make you feel warm and fuzzy and my number one tip of all time ever:

2. ginger: boil water, chop 3 pieces of ginger, add fresh lemon juice and a huge spoon of honey and you have a magic elixir that will cure all your headaches, sickness, stomach aches, sore throats and it will also help with that dizzy feeling.

3. tiger balm: if it feels like you can't breathe, use it twice a day on your chest and back, I also use it on my nose but be careful to a) not get too close to your eyes or you will never see through the tears again and b) obviously don't put it on sensitive or broken skin.

4. mints: they help you breathe. The stronger the better, it's likely you won't taste anything anyway.

5. baby cream: really thick, oily baby cream. Because your nose will be thankful and although everytime I touch it I will instantly have to blow my nose again, in the end it pays off to keep it moisturized. I use this one because it has the best package and smells like babies.

6. fresh air: As I said, few things are better than sleep when you are feeling under the weather, but fresh air is preferable to spending all day in a heated room with dry air. A short walk outside will help you breathe and gets your circulation going. (just don't go outside alone when you feel dizzy and remember to keep yourself warm).

And now I will have a nice cup of ginger-lemon-honey and then go back to sleep.
If you have any tips to make a cold more bearable do not hesitate to let me know. Seriously, tell me, please!


  1. Das sind ja tolle Tipps gegen das Kranksein. Das muss ich mir auf jeden Fall merken! Ich hatte immer das Glück, mich auskurieren zu können, wenn ich krank bin. Wenns jedoch nicht anders geht, sind diese Tipps sicher sehr hilfreich!
    Da ich deinen Blog ja sehr mag, hab ich dich für den Best Blog Award nominiert. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest! :)
    Hier gehts zum Eintrag

    Ich wünsch dir eine rasche und gute Besserung!
    Alles Liebe,

  2. Buckets of sage tea. And since half of my office is currently sick, my co-workers' favorites: tea (all kinds) with honey, hot baths with herbal bath additives and, if you're running a fever, a wet washcloth on your forehead and neck.

  3. lemon/ginger/honey works well for me...

    be well soon !

  4. Antworten
    1. Ich hoffe du bist nicht immer noch krank! :O