The Appleberry learns to sew!

So I know I mentioned my lack of a sewing machine here and there, I didn't know it was clear how much I wanted one in my life, though. Suddenly my beautiful, amazing and talented friend Lisa (singer, barista, queen of everything) offered me hers. She just gave me a sewing machine like other people might give you a sample of a perfume they didn't like "Oh that, I really don't care for it, would you like to have it?"

And just like that I had a sewing machine.
Now, what to do with this magical thing that turns fabric into actually useful stuff? Learn to use it of course.
I'm the type of person whose favourite way to learn is by challenge. Starting with the basics bores me, I need a sense of achievement! I decided that my first project would be a padded 9-pocket diaper bag. Of course I didn't do well and of course that thing turned out wonky: crooked seams everywhere, thread sticking out from all corners etc BUT I've already made every mistake possible, and now I know better.
I call that "learning by failing"
Here it is, my first ever self-sewed bag, in all it's imperfect glory:

(It will still make a very cute beach or pool bag I think.)

Encouraged to do better next time I decided I would make another bag for my friend Nora's birthday. This time a little easier, I didn't even use a pattern and once again a huge success for the learning by failing method! She even said she liked it in a very convincing, sincere voice. Here is the second ever self-sewed bag I made:

Of course I still have a lot to learn (and now that our flat is finally connected to the internet, youtube will prove very useful for that) but I never imagined sewing would be so much fun! I have been thrifting most of my clothes in the past year so I made some alterations on these as well. My next project goes with the theme of bags though, I am sewing myself a backpack for university.
I'll keep you updated!


  1. Yesssss you are so lucky! I've also wanted a sewing machine forever. How hard is it to learn? I haven't even touched one in 10 years.

    1. Give it a try! I have never used one before and after 2 weeks and a few fights with the machine, I feel pretty confident. I'm leanring new things every day but the feeling you get when something (finally!) works out is incredible.

  2. Oh I should really ask my mum to learn me how to use it! I can't wait to start making my own stuff, it looks great and it must feel so good to make something yourself, right? :-)

    1. Yes, lucky you for having a mom to show you, a real person is surely a better teacher than a video :D
      Absolutely, it feels great to look at something and think 'I made that'. It's addictive, I wish I could make my own fabric as well!

  3. I love your first bag! Little flaws, but so bright and so very lovely :)

    1. thank you! I am definitely going to use it, the fabric and time I spend making this alone force me to, so it's great hearing someone likes it despite its flaws :)