My october wish

Ahh, autumn. It seems there are some places on earth where this means beautiful weather, not too warm, just right to sit outside and drink hot chocolate all day while watching the leaves change colours. Not here. We have 2 days of sunshine, which in reality is the sun saying goodbye for the next 6 months, followed by rain and fog and creepy monsters waiting in old asylums for the next 8 weeks until it starts snowing. IF it starts snowing, otherwise it's Silent Hill all winter.


The trick is to use these days of sunshine and enjoy them as much as possible so all your memories of autumn are of nice, sunny days. Which basically is a metaphor for everything.
One of these days was last week's German Union Day when we found out Black Forest is only 45 minutes away and decided to go for a little hike.


I love hiking because I love trees. I love how big and old they are, what they symbolize, love the calm and steady. My Papa was buried underneath a tree and we spend hours hiking and walking dogs from the shelter everytime I visited, so they make me feel close to him as well. He used to say there's no bad weather, just bad clothes and he really wouldn't approve of my dislike for autumn, you know, I should be glad we have 4 seasons and it's harvest time and where do I think my food comes from, surely not sunshine and heat.

So my October wish for this year is to start enjoying autumn. All of it, the Silent Hill forecast as well as the hot chocolate days. I made a first step by buying some really warm and fuzzy socks. Because there is no bad weather they say...