4 simple goals

October has been very nice to me and my October wish to enjoy all of it came true! I loved the sunny t-shirt days, walked through a stormy fall shower with a big smile on my face, and watched the fog spread over brown corn fields like a big fluffy blanket. Seeing that as a good omen, I decided I would participate in something one of the girls from A beautiful mess came up with, called 'four simple goals'.
The idea is to to set yourself 4 personal goals for the rest of the year that are easy to achieve and will make your life richer or improve bad habits you might want to change. I loved the idea so here are my 3 + 1 goals.

1. learn how to knit: my Mama is an amazing knitter, she has made me the most beautiful ponchos, shirts, scarves and armwarmers in the past. She also has tried to teach me how to knit year after year with no big success. A few years ago I found some video tutorials on youtube that looked very good but I never really got around to try them. This season I am actually going to learn it and finish my very first knitted thing (probably a scarf, they seem easy).
2. do my homework: school has started! Going back to university after working full-time seemed challenging but it also gives me a motivation I have never experienced before. Interning at the job of my dreams, at the place of my dreams helped me realize just where I want to be in the future and how to get there. So in short: I want to be best. This starts with doing my homework regularly though, something I haven't been very good at in the past. This time I don't want to fall back into old habits but start new ones.
3. go outside: the colder it gets, the more comfortable my living room appears. Living in a big grey city does the rest and I hardly leave the house when I am not going to school or work, sad but true. So it seems obvious this is a goal that should be on the list: very easy to achieve and definitely more healthy.

And of course:

4. blog at least 3x a week: writing here is making my life so much richer, I can share and organize my thoughts, reflect on what is going on with my life, keep track of how I am feeling. It's the "me time" I need. Yesterday I was going through my past posts and just reading about how happy I was this summer made me realize that although I don't see my friends a lot (I hardly saw my friends at all to be honest) this year was filled with so much love and growth. It's hard not to share! So thank you to whoever is reading this.


  1. Hallo Lisa! Ich habe deinen Blog dank dem e-course von Stef entdeckt und mag deine Seite wirklich sehr! :) Das Layout, die Posts und die Fotos finde ich echt super schön! Die 4 simple goals habe ich auch auf a beautiful mess gesehen und finde die Idee ganz nett. Habe auch überlegt das für mich zu machen, aber noch habe ich keine Zeit dafür gefunden. Mal schauen! :) Ich wünsch dir, dass du deine Ziele erreichst und viel Spaß dabei hast! Und ich freue mich schon auf weitere Posts von dir! :)
    Alles Liebe,

    1. Oh vielen lieben Dank für den netten Kommentar Corina! Ich hab deinen Blog eben besucht und bin begeistert, ich war noch nie in Wien (leider!) und die Bilder machen mich extrem neugierig, ich glaube mein nächster Wochenendtrip wird mich nach Österreich verschlagen, es sieht wundervoll aus!
      Liebste Grüße


    2. Ja, Wien ist echt eine sehenswerte Stadt! Wenn es dann soweit ist und du einen Trip nach Wien planst, kann du mich gerne nach Tipps fragen! Bin zwar nicht in Wien aufgewachsen, aber ein bisschen kenn ich mich schon aus in der Stadt! ;) Danke auch für deinen Besuch auf meinem Blog, freut mich!
      Alles Liebe zu dir!

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