3 ingredient Chai Syrup

Chai is to me what red wine is to pasta. We complement each other, I'm better with it.
When I came back from India I searched far and wide to find a good chai mix but it wasn't until this summer that I found a really good mix at a street festival in Switzerland.
Last week, following Squeaky Swing's recipe I made pumpkin spice syrup, it turned out fantastic and I have been drinking pumpkin coffee ever since.
So today I was wondering if I couldn't make chai syrup as well. I tried using only 3 ingredients (well, technically there are more ingredients but seeing as the chai mix was already combined I am counting it as one).

The problem with most chai syrups and chai lattes you can buy at stores or coffee shops is that they either taste extremely artificial or have added flavour like vanilla. I've never tasted one I actually liked so although I loved the tea mix I was prepared to be disappointed and even more happy when it tasted just right.

Here's what you need:
1 cup water
3/4 cup cane sugar
5 tablespoons chai mix

Combine, boil, simmer for 10 minutes, enjoy.
To have a chai (latte) all you need to do is:
1. make yourself a black tea (I love Assam but Ceylon works too),
2. pour in some milk (I like my water-milk ratio at about 3:1 but you can also use more milk or no milk at all) and
3. add 2-3 teaspoons of syrup.

People who have ever witnessed my cooking or ate with me know that I have a huge problem with processed food and will buy nothing that has ingredients in it I wouldn't use when cooking the same thing (35-ingredient cookies? No, thank you.). I also decided to use cane sugar because of that but white sugar will work just as well.
Give it a try, this season is going to be long and you'll be happy to have a hot-drink option at hand.
I don't know its shelf life, but a batch will last about 2 months and I wouldn't store it any longer than that.


  1. Danke für deinen Kommentar! Du solltest mal etwas über die selbstgemachte Mischung zur Gesichtsreinigung posten. Ich fände es sehr interessant, noch mehr darüber zu erfahren. :)

    Chai mag ich auch gerne, ich mag aber auch die Variante mit Vanille-Zusatz. :D

    Liebe Grüße!

    Bearnerdettes Welt

    1. Ja das wäre eigentlich eine gute Idee, ist zwar eigentlich nicht so mein Thema, aber ich bastele momentan auch an meinem eigenen Duschgel, vielleicht mach ich eine kleine Serie daraus :D weil selber machen ist ja schon ein großes Thema hier. Also auf jeden Fall vielen Dank für die Anregung!

      Nein! Blasphemie!

    2. Ich kenne einige Blogs, auf denen auch Rezepte für selbstgemachte Seifen und so gepostet werden und das kommt auch immer sehr gut an. =)


  2. I've never had either of those but I'm really curious now! You also displayed those bottles very cute with those lables :-)

    1. Give it a try, the pumpkin syrup is already gone, it was that good! :)