Hello September, I didn't expect you so soon!

September came which means our time in Switzerland came to an end and we moved back to Germany. I am now once again in a new city, ready for whatever is to come.
It's strange, starting over again, after finally feeling settled in Switzerland but it's also a good feeling, it's a challenge and we all know how much I love being challenged.

Right now I am sitting at Starbucks, having no internet connection at home yet, enjoying an ice cold frappuccino (there still are some things to do like finding a health insurance for example and unpacking the last boxes) and that is something I feel so good about. In Switzerland things were too expensive so Starbucks happened about twice in 6 months, I am looking forward to going out for dinner, watching movies at the cinema and seeing my friends more often.

I mentioned before that the flat we are now living in is only available for 6 months, after that the actual renters are returning from their time abroad. This means we have a lot of time to find a flat we actually like. My university is in another city so we try finding something in between M.'s work and my uni, having more time makes this task a lot easier.

But unfortunately it also means that so far we both don't feel quite home yet. Maybe this will change in the next weeks and months to come but knowing that the place you are living at is not truly your place makes it hard to feel home, let me tell you.
It's only made harder by the fact that we are only unpacking the bare essentials of our stuff, leaving us with a lot of boxes standing around.
But you know, "home is wherever I am with you" isn't that far fetched and living with M. makes it a lot nicer and more home-y.

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