Let's cook: lemon meringue pie ... or at least let's try to

As we all well know I am not the most patient person when it comes to cooking or baking, I become frustrated way too easily and I am not a perfectionist. So what happens is that I get frustrated with something and decide it'll do. I will not put any more effort in it and hope for the best.

Well, everyone who has baked a lemon meringue pie before will have guessed how far that attitude has gotten me. But let's not spoil the surprise for the others, will you.
The meringue top turned out great!

I started with making a cookie crust because it sounded simple enough. Smash some cookies and add melted butter to the crumbs.
Ha! Mix crumbs that are just slightly too big with too little butter and enjoy your non-stable, crumbly mess underneath the rest of the cake. Extra points if you burn it a little.
But even if the crust would have been perfect... turns out adding one spoon less corn starch than suggested by the recipe makes the filling runny and liquid, leaving you with a plate full of delicious lemon soup.

Trial and error as demonstrated by baking lemon meringue pie. But you know what they say, try again - fail better, so I will bake this hell of a pie again as soon as possible.
Taste was fantastic though so I call it a success.


  1. Lemon soup actually sounds good.


  2. "Taste was fantastic though so I call it a success." In my opinion, that's all that matters really. This post made me chuckle, loved how you put everything in words!

    1. Absolutely right, it's just that this cake had so much potential to be pretty. Oh well.

  3. great job for trying! anything homemade is better than store bought, even if it turns out less pretty! be patient with yourself, it's all a journey!

    1. Patience being the key word in your comment :D that's true, at least I know exaclty what was put in there. I am looking forward to trying again!