July, July, it never felt so strange.

Aww, July, I will miss you. The sweet feeling of summer, the calm before things start to shift and change again. August means moving and packing and organizing, saying goodbye and leaving a place I came to love so very much.

For now I am living in the moment and take the steps one at a time.
Aside the big things that have to be done, I have some smaller goals I am working on this next month. I will be busy, that's for sure! My Mama is visiting right now, I am working almost everyday until the 16th and I'm slowly a bit nervous about getting into university. Nervous being a huge understatement.

Seeing as August comes with a lot of anxiety and worrying, for now I think I will prolong July some more. Just another 4 weeks. I will skip August and have 2 Julies instead. Time is relative, isn't it?

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