3 August Wishes

I have done wishlist posts in the past, it seemed fun to find cool stuff that would fit the month to come and share it here, but yesterday when they started popping up once again in my blog feed, I was just so very annoyed.
Please do not feel offended if you are doing them, it really isn't about others doing them, I got annoyed with myself, because that is just not me. I'm hardly buying stuff as it is, why would I make a wishlist and pretend I needed all this stuff every month. Or wished for it. Because I really do have enough cute dresses and nailpolishes and whatever random things are put on these lists.

Aren't we put under enough pressure to consume already as it is, do we actually have to put these lists out there and contribute to it?
I have never bought a single thing I put on a wishlist, simply because it all seemed like a waste of money when I already had something similar or when I did not actually need it all that much.

So I decided I would stop the madness and will not share my wishlist, but my wishes with you.

1. I really hope the temperatures rise once more. I am not ready to let go of summer this early and I am having two weeks off starting next friday. I wanted to spend most of that time at the pool, eating icecream and enjoying the sun. I am such a sunshine person it's terrifiying, as soon as the sun is away for a couple of days I feel my mood dropping.

2. Apart from nice weather I really wish for time to calm down and read or draw a little because it will mostly be packing & organizing our move this month. I hate moving, I hate packing, I hate transporting all my stuff and I hate unpacking. Also the fact that we will only be staying at the new place for 6 months makes it extra hard to decide what will be unpacked and what will stay in its box. It has to be done but I wish for little breaks in between with good books.

3. Saying good-bye is not something that comes easy to me. Saying good-bye to the people at work (co-workers and residents likewise) as well as saying good-bye to this beautiful place I called home will be hard. So I wish for some more great memories and enjoying it to the last day. I hope I can let it go and enjoy it for what it was, just the place where I needed to be these past months. And a glimpse of what I want my future to look like.

Yes, I liked this much better than showing you stuff to buy.

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