The Muesli Girl

Last week I made fun of M because if it wasn't for me, he would eat pasta with pesto every single day of his life. And that is what he does, to be honest. When I eat at work, or when he comes home from work super late and we do not eat together, he makes pasta with pesto. This happens 5 days out of 7. So we go through pesto like crazy.

Anyway, I was making fun of him for this and he looks me dead in the eye and says "...Says the muesli girl!"

It's true. I am the Muesli Girl.
A day cannot be started without me having my muesli (and coffee). I feel feeble and weak when I don't have it. I will not lie to you, there were days when I ventured into the unknown and instead of muesli I had fruit salad, croissants or even bread for breakfast. Sometimes eggs. But nothing compares.(Nothing compaaares, to you!)
It's the milk, the crunch, the fresh fruit, the yogurt, the nuts. I mix in all of the things I love and it turns into something I love even more. Just like lasagna!

And then there's nostalgia. When I was small and spent the weekends with my Papa he would bring me breakfast to bed (because that is how awesome he was at doing the Dad-stuff) and it was always some variation of oatmeal or muesli with fresh fruit decoratively arranged on top. Sometimes with a little chocolate or cinnamon and it always tasted like being loved.

So everyday I start my day with muesli.
It's healthy, it gives me strength and makes me feel loved.
I bet you can't say that for pasta with pesto.


  1. I'm really bad for eating unhealthy breakfasts, so maybe I should take a note from your book and eat muesli everyday. It sounds delicious! xx


    1. It is delicious, and easy to prepare (especially important in the mornings)!