One day in: Lugano (Switzerland)

Okay after the impressive view of the first day, I was slightly afraid everything after would be a bit disappointing. Compared to these huge mountains most things seem underwhelming.
Still, it was a big wish to finally see the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland: Ticino!
And Ticino was overwhelming.

We went to Lugano, located by the Lago di Lugano, a maze of little alleys, sandstone buildings, parks and full of flowers.
Who would have thought you could feel like being on a beach holiday in Switzerland?

To get there our train had to go through the famous Gotthard Passage, a tunnel right through the Alps, 15 km long and 1.8 km of pure mountain above you, it was so exciting. The best part of the trainride though was going through the canton of Uri.
Uri is all windy streets, mountain villages and really traditional Swiss living, scattered wood houses and rocks everywhere.

But when you get out of the Gotthardtunnel everything looks and feels like Italy with a little Switzerland mixed in. This country is so interesting, full of different cultures and traditions, three different languages and a history as interesting as the rest of Europe's. I am falling more and more in love with this quirky, messy, perfectly organized mountain nation.

We went to this beautiful park to have coffee, they had tables and carts full of books standing around on the lawn for you to pick up and read while enjoying the sun.
Afterwards we rented a pedal boat and floated over the lake for an hour until I got seasick and had to have an icecream. Yeah, I know, flawless logic.

On my last day off I ended up staying at home, watching TV all day. Because those days are crucial for every holiday, aren't they? So now I feel completely relaxed and ready to go to work again. Just one more month, I still can't believe it.


  1. Dankeschön :) Das mit den Beeren als Eiswürfel klingt auch sehr gut :).Bei deinen wunderschönen Urlaubsbildern kriegt man ja gleich Fernweh :)

    Lg Ronja

  2. beautiful photos, love the second one. Glad you got in a day for rest...I'm always on the go during vacations. I need to remember to take a day to relax.

    xo erica