One day in: Luzern (Switzerland)

My second day through Switzerland was spend alone because M had to work and as we got back home rather late the day before, I decided to chose a destination not quite as far away.
So I went to the station and looked at the timetables and there it said "Luzern".
Of course I had heard of Luzern, I mean, the name anyway but I had no idea what to expect. The ride only took about 1,5 hours so I figured if it sucked I just go somewhere else.

I mean it's beautiful. The architecture, the lake, the surrounding view. But when I thought Grindelwald was touristy, holy cactus, this was a whole other level of touristy. I imagine Luzern must have been a regular city at some point but now it's just shops. Either all the expensive designer labels or kitchy souvenir shops. I walked around for a bit but then decided to take a boat trip (which was free with my 3-day railway pass booya!) to get away.

If you know nothing about Switzerland, it can be summed up in 3 words: lakes, mountains and cows.
No matter where you go you will find one of these three things for sure if not all of them (and if there are all of them it's an indicator you're at a really beautiful place!)

You might have noticed the lack of pictures of my face. Well, as I said I was alone and I don't really know how to take pictures of myself without the camera falling down or bringing my tripod.

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