One day in: Grindelwald (Switzerland)

Being short on time and money, big holidays are something very far away right now, instead we invested in some train tickets, packed our homemade sandwiches and were on our way to explore Switzerland.
I definitely wanted to see some mountains, I have been living here for 6 months and haven't seen a single mountain up close, people started to laugh at me.

We chose Grindelwald, a small village in the canton of Bern, it is located right beneath the Jungfrau, one of the more well-known mountains in the Swiss Alps (at least I have heard of it before).

The town is lovely and charming and literally full of tourists, even in summer. I also enjoyed the train ride because it took us through some rustic villages with traditional houses, beautiful landscapes and along a pretty lake. However, the highlight of that day (and perhaps my entire year, let's be real here) was the view we got, after we took the cable cars.

Before I show you, just a few words on cable cars. I was delighted at the idea of taking a cozy ride up 1.000 metres to see the Alps, actually it was my idea, I really was.
Then I stepped in to this cabin made of glass and a few strings, and all was well and good until it started moving. I am very scared of heights and being locked in a tiny little bubble hanging from a string going up some mountains is not comfortable. Quick tip: don't ever get on a cable car with me.
Still, it was so worth it, look at my face when I exited my torture chamber...

Because after being scared as shit for 30 minutes straight, I was greeted with this view:

Maybe it was the adrenaline, the sudden change of temperature, the height or the light air, but I was very happy up there and felt a little, you know, high. So let's all take a second to enjoy my own personal "The Sound of Music" -moment:

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