stuff I made: potato & cucumber stamping!

Imagine it's Sunday, you suddenly feel the urge to do something creative but all the DIY stuff you have saved in your pinterest board require something you do not have at hand. And shops are closed. Well, if that happens you gotta work with what you already have at home.

I came up with acrylic paint.
And potatoes.

The first thing I stamped was this shirt. I cut the shape with a regular, sharp kitchen knife, I'm sure there are more sophisticated and neat ways to go about this but I didn't go for a clean look anyway so this was fine for me.
Then I brushed the stamp with a thick layer of black paint. Easy enough and I like how it adds something special to a shirt I hardly ever wore before. And stamping was fun!
I wanted to stamp something more intricate and colorful,
I wanted to stamp everything!

I was so proud with how this napkin turned out that immediately I felt assured I should stamp even more. Maybe a dress? Sure why not, God knows I have enough dresses anyway I could ruin one easily without noticing.
I have never used this fancy gold paint before but I knew it would be good for something one day! To get perfectly round dots, instead of a wonky potato I used a cucumber. I love this one even more, it turned an old and boring dress into something unique and cute.
M. calls it the bubble tea dress.

Note: there are a lot of different fabric paints that would work just as well, probably even better. Acrylic paint gets rather stiff when it dries and might not work with really soft fabrics. When you want a soft print you should try a fabric paint.
This is absolutely washable after it dried for at least 24 hours.

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