my favorite place

"Solitude is not the absence of company but
the moment when our soul is free to speak to us."

Paulo Coelho

My favorite place to be right now. I could spend hours sitting outside enjoying the sun and the fresh air, that tastes almost sweet when summer starts. I have settled into a routine here, when it is warm I sit outside and go running, when it's hot I go to the pool and when it's rainy I clean. Balance is back and I really enjoy being with myself at the moment.

Lately I have been considering writing again. Before my father died I was always writing, be it small poems no one would ever get to see or collecting ideas for this big story I had in mind, I always considered myself a writer. Now I feel so disconnected to that part of me which is a little sad since it always meant so much to me.

It would be an interesting challenge, a little like a school reunion where you meet people you had known for years to find out what kind of persons they have grown into. Maybe it would be worth trying. Maybe it's just sentimentality holding on to something I have long given up.

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