let's cook: eat your greens!

When I go grocery shopping I often overlook the green vegetables, I even forget that green beans for example exist. Same with cabbage, savoy, sprouts, turnip, broccoli etc. Although I enjoy all of them very much and just hearing their names makes me hungry!
I have no idea why that is but I intend to make up for it. Today I bought cabbage & green beans and everytime I'll go shopping I will bring home another green delicious plant.

 I fried the beans with tofu, cherry tomatoes, some sesame and soy sauce, had rucola, tomato and cucumber salad as a side and also some goat cheese because goat cheese goes with everything. I bought a huge pack though so now I need to find some other ways to prepare green beans. I think they would make a great salad too.

My new drink of choice would be elderflower syrup, sparkly water and frozen berries. Tastes like heaven and is extremely refreshing.

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