let's cook: angelfood cupcakes with peach frosting

Baking is a great, rewarding hobby, unfortunately most of the time I am baking for only the two of us and 12 cupcakes split between two isn't really considered healthy. So I experimented a bit with tweaking recipes to only have 4 cupcakes left, isn't as easy as it sounds because 2 eggs divided by 4 will make a huge mess in your kitchen or ends up in a really dense cupcake.

These angelfood cupcakes however turned out great, I used this recipe and divided it by 4.

Angelfood isn't very well-known here, what's special about it is the use of just beaten egg whites and powdered sugar instead of whole eggs or granulated sugar, which results in a really fluffy cake.

For the frosting I came up with this:
100ml peach nectar
1 tbsp flour
1 cup powdered sugar
4 raspberries

first I heated the nectar in a pan and stirred in the flour until it dissolved and had a pudding-like consistency, then I let it cool down completely and mixed the powdered sugar in.
Perfect scenario is you make this a day ahead and refrigerate it for 12-15 hours before using, so it actually looks like frosting. I used mine right away when it was still very liquid/runny, that's why it's flat. I actually prefer just a little topping.

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