July, July!

July favorites:

july 13

bright colors, fresh flowers and a water bottle everywhere I go!

July plans:

The Swiss railway offers a 4-day-pass through Switzerland that is actually affordable! Because flights, hotels etc are just not in our budget this year, I will go to a different place in Switzerland everyday for 4 days and sleep at home. This land is rather small but there are many absolutely incredible places, stunning views and interesting historical places. It is very hard to narrow it down to the 4 places I want to go most. I'm still in the process of deciding. The best part is that M has 2 days off as well and will be joining me for these days! Can't wait to see more of this beautiful country!

July goals!

I am a bit disappointed with myself for not working out as much as I wanted to. The first week of Julywas rainy and when it cleared up I was at work or busy with something else so I only went running once and swimming twice this month! This is intolerable and will change as of today. I made a rough workout-plan in big hopes of actually sticking to it.

Another goal is to finally master the art of letting stones skip over water.
I have tried it ever since I was a child and while I learned it time ad time again it always takes an hour until the first stone actually skips.

I hope you had a great July so far and if you go somewhere special for summer, I wish you the most amazing trip!

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