let's cook: easy peasy yoghurt popsicles

Some days you wake up and you just know it's icecream day.
It has nothing to do with the weather or even the season, icecream day just happens.

Yesterday was one of those days. Sadly, I didn't have icecream at home, the best thing I found in the fridge was yoghurt, so I put that in my popsicle molds (which I have never used before and am not entirely sure where they came from) and a few hours later, voilá: yoghurt popsicles. Creamy, delicious almost healthy popsicles!
Oh and  my favourite yoghurt right now is a storebrand from Switzerland with all natural sugars, flavours and colors.

For the pink one I used rhubarb-flavoured & plain yoghurt, the other one is mango & plain yoghurt.
Next time I won't use plain yoghurt, it didn't taste like anything at all and wasn't creamy either but maybe that's because it was low-fat.
I've already made a list of yoghurt flavours I want to try next. Blueberry! Hazelnut! Passion fruit!

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