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Living up to the stereotype of Switzerland, these pictures were taken no 300m from my flat. We actually do live right next to a farm. I think everyone here does. Even when you live in downtown Zurich, chances are the next cow is closer than you think.
And I love that. Not  only does it mean that cheese, milk and yoghurt taste much more fresh, it also forces you to stay in touch with nature.

I am a firm believer that being around animals has a positive impact on life. That's the reason I like pigeons, in a world full of big cities and concrete jungles, it's good to have an animal invade our space and share our streets so we don't forget about the actual world out there.
India for example is full of animals. Dogs, cows, goats, monkeys are all part of everyday life.
I remember one incident in Rishikesh, when a cow was lying down on a street and instead of honking or freaking out, people just stopped and went for tea, waiting for the cow to move. See what I mean?

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