June wishlist

june wishlist

My june wishlist reflects my two favourite summer activities: picnic & pool.
I am looking forward to having a picnic soon, eating outside on a blanket is the best way of eating.
Today I actually went to the pool. There is something so relaxing about laying in the sun just reading and whenever it gets too hot you just hop into the water and do a bit of excercise aka swimming.
I love swimming, in fact at one point during the 'big weight loss' I think I might have been addicted to swimming.

Anyway these are the two things I want to spend the most time on this month.
Some more maxi dresses would be lovely but I'm poor so I can only dream, what I actually did spend money on is sunscreen. I have three different kinds: 1 for the body, 1 for the face and 1 for the tattoos (sunblocker).

As for books, the next three are already bought and are waiting to be read but I would like to re-read some loved books too this season.

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