have a tea, take some biscuits!

It's already June! Time to have a little chat.
Although May has been mostly rainy and grey, I had a very good month. I visited my friends back home then my mom and one of my closest friends came to visit me here and I'm having a good time at work. Also, I went to this fantastic market on one of the few nice days and bought some really good chai mix.

I am reading:

I've heard a lot of mixed reviews on this one, it's classic children fantasy (our heroine wanders into the woods and finds a magical world in there where she has to complete a task and fight against evil) and to be honest I've had my fill of that.
What made me buy it was
a) it was written by Colin Meloy, singer & songwriter for one of my all time favourite bands The Decemberists, loving his lyrics I needed to give his first novel a shot and
b) the illustrations. What you see on the front cover is just an example of all the beautiful artwork you'll find inside this book, unfortunately I got the paperback version of this so it's only in black ad white. I'm tempted to buy the hardcover.
I'm not even halfway through with it but so far I really am pleased. It's no Harry Potter that you just kind of obsess over, but still I find myself looking forward to when I can go back to reading.

I am looking forward to:
Call me an optimist but I still haven't abandoned all hope for better weather. So I am very much looking forward to higher temperaturs now that it's June and perhaps some sun. Sitting on our patio, reading in the sun, go swimming (this especially, I have a an open air pool right next to my house, I want to use it!) and for walks, wear dresses and shorts. Summer is my favourite season, I finally want it to start!

On my mind:
I finally came to love Switzerland after all, mainly because of my coworkers and cheese. BUT I am very excited about moving back to Germany in August. Not because I want to leave Switzerland (actually, I wouldn't mind working here one day) but because it means I can go back to university. For the first time ever I didn't have to argue with myself, convince myself, talk myself into it. This internship made me realize what I want to do with my life. Supporting people in being themselves, accepting disabilities as a form of human life, integrating and empowering people to make their own decisions and go their own way. It's what I have always believed in and it's something I'm passionate about. So I'm looking forward to getting a professional degree for it.

I'm proud of:
This blog! I have wanted to start a blog for a looong time and I finally did and stuck with it. I'm enjoying it so much because it is not only the act of writing a blog but also spending time with myself. While working on this post alone I have asked myself what is making me happy and what I would like to change. I really needed that.

I'm missing:
Travelling! This is the number one thing to make me feel alive and connected to the world and my soul, to make me feel balanced and happy. I haven't been able to pack my backpack and travel around for a long time but I'm going to make it a priority. I won't be able to do that long-term thing in the near future again, I know that, but I'll try to have little getaways every now and then to keep my spirits up. I have a few days off in July and am now deciding where to go.

The near future:
Enjoy Switzerland. I might not have the cash to actually travel around here but I can explore this city at least. Also while I am still here I can concentrate on blogging and improving myself, I started a journal to help me define goals, I started doing yoga again and I'm reading a lot. These are all things I consider characteristics of myself, so it's like I'm more myself again lately. Which is great.

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