Reading: I finished Wildwood last week and although I enjoyed the whole Narnia-vibe I am just not into that kind of fantasy. I was disappointed. Now I'm starting "Little Bee". I have read & heard good things about it and although I am VERY sceptical about a white male telling the story of a young Nigerian girl, I will give it a shot.

Listening to: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. I am obsessed, not only with the music but also the lyrics are plain fantastic. Consumerism, LGBTQ rights, addiction prolems? Yes please!

Thinking about: The refugee situation in Germany. Our refugee camps are a joke, they are dirty and unsafe, medical help is sporadic at best. You only even get a place when officially recognized as a refugee which apparently is rather complicated. Since last week refugees are camping right in the middle of Munich to protest against institutional racism. They entered a dry hungerstrike 5 days ago. It's so sad they have to use such tragic action to be heard at all.
I am ashamed. Ashamed to come from a country where people are treated so poorly.

Anticipating: I have a few days off in July and am currently thinking about where to go. I'm still on a half-serious quest to travel every country in Europe and one of the countries I haven't been to yet is Portugal. I would love to visit Porto for a few days even though I do not necessarily have money to spare. But with my internship being almost over I feel like I have earned it. We'll see.

Planning: Reading blogs you can't avoid being inspired by all these awesome DIY projects out there. Unfortunately I'm not very talented craft-wise. There are projects I'm really proud of and others I failed miserably, that's why I put together a list of diy-stuff that seems foolproof enough that I should be able to make it.

1. A headband from an old t-shirt
2. these cute bracelets
3. a huge paper flower!
4. I bought a clear iphone case to modify
5. I really want to experiment with dip dying

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