Listening to: First Aid Kit! The kind of band you can either just dive right into their songs and forget about everything else or have them on in the background, creating the perfect vibe for daydreaming and reading. Seriously though, I love everything about them, lyrics, voices, videos. Double girl crush.

Excited about: There's a public pool right next to my house and I have been waiting for the temperatures to rise so I could start going and this week it finally happened. The water is still a bit chilly but this morning I swam for an hour and felt like a champion. After a long period of no regular exercise it feels so good to be active again.

Thinking about: Life's funny way of teaching us lessons and giving us exactly what we need at the right time. Somehow I completely lost my way about a year ago, I knew I had to move on from being a waitress but I didn't quite know where to go. I failed at a couple of things I tried and was very disappointed with myself.
I applied for my internship because it seemed like something I would enjoy and I could do while figuring out where I actually want to go. Turns out the internship is exactly where I needed to be.
It has shown me that the way I originally had in mind has always been the right one: social work. But it has also given me something else. Time.
Coming to Switzerland knowing no one but my boyfriend was challenging and there were times I thought it was too much but over the months not only have I gotten closer to my co-workers, I also started appreciating the time I had for myself.

Loving: All the beautiful colors all around. The fresh fruit, the flowers everywhere, the sun, icecream on a hot day, homemade iced tea, planning my next steps, writing down what's on my mind. Life is good right now and I am learning to really enjoy the moment.

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