30 day challenge: Day 5-9

Day 5: from a high angle
reading on the patio is my favourite activity ever, even more so if the weather allows for shorts and bare feet.

Day 6: from a low angle
my beautiful bike which came out of the river. I can finally ride it now but I'm thinking about repainting it maybe.

Day 7: fruit
this one was easy to pick.
Lately I have been considering adding some more to them, maybe apple-/srawberry blossoms to each.

Day 8: a bad habit
just to make this clear: this isnt my bad habit. It's M.'s bad habit which I really hate. I would describe my own lifestyle as rather healthy with some guilty pleasures (read: cupcakes) so I am always worried about the effects of smoking on his health. It's something that really bothers me.

Day 9: someone you love
this goofball.

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