3 milkshakes you can make from scratch!

For Valentine's Day this year, I made M a jar with little heart-shaped notes. On these heart-shaped notes (that are color-coded for expenses) I have written different date ideas so when we have a day off we randomly pick one out and do whatever it says on there.
On sunday was our day off together and our note said 'Milkshake Day!'

First reaction was OH AWESOME!
Then I realized it was sunday. Shops were closed. So I had to improvise on flavors. I knew we had vanilla icecream so that was a plus and we had enough milk. But I don't like vanilla shakes.
Then I remembered the strawberries!

I blended together about 500g of strawberries with two scoops vanilla icecream and then poured milk over it. I liked this one best, it's classic, not too sweet, not too heavy but still rich in flavour.

Then we moved on to watch TV, play xbox and sit outside because the weather magically got better.
Time for round 2! One thing I always have at home is cookies. I even had Oreo cookies last week, which made M very happy. He drank half of mine too.

For that one I blended together 2 scoops of icecream, 10 cookies and a little milk. I just added another scoop of icecream to the shake in the end. It tasted just like liquid Oreos, I promise.
Last but not least I made a peanutbutter milkshake for dessert after dinner. This turned out to be a big hit too, just the right mix between sweet and salty. I almost forgot to take a picture of it before it was gone.

This shake has the most icecream in it, about 4 scoops, 2-3 tablespoons peanutbutter and milk. You could even add some sugar and salt to bring out the sweet and salty some more.

We both felt like falling into a sugar coma afterwards but we really love milkshake day. M even talked about which flavours to try next.

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