Pretty salad & lemon yoghurt dressing

I love tiny tomatoes. I love them with pasta, in salads, in pasta salad and all by themselves as well. Screw those huge watery ew-tomatoes, I will chose tiny tomatoes over them any day.
Another thing I love is rucola salad, the most flavorful salad. It's not just green bitter stuff, it's amazing tastes-kinda-like-nuts leafs from the green fields of paradise!

Most of my meals are some dish with 4 times as much salad. I love salad, it's my favorite food.

Also, salad is just so pretty.
The dressing is yoghurt, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper. And a bit of olive oil.
I decided to add 2 cooked potatoes so I won't starve.

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