a new hobby.

 So I remember one of my goals for this year was to learn something about photography.
When I was younger I had very low self-esteem and avoided pictures at all cost. I hated myself and couldn't bear to look at my face or body in photographs.
As the years passed I learned to like myself a lot more, now I am sad that there are so few pictures from when I was younger.

I came back from India without any good pictures because of that stupid point&shoot camera I brought with me... I decided to invest in a DSLR. So I got a basic one off ebay. I used it a couple of times especially when I went to Cambodia but still can't quite figure it out. I want to take a photography class when I am back in Germany, but here in Switzerland it's just too expensive.

   Instead I decided to try the learning by doing approach for the time being. The weather improved a lot last week so I went to the closest forest to take pictures twice already. I want to make this a thing, this is totally self serving because not only will I get better at taking pictures, M will learn all of that as well so he can take my pictures. yay.

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