DIY: bleach shirt

If you own an old, dark shirt that you don't wear and wouldn't mind getting ruined, then you are in for a little experiment.
Grab the closest bleach bottle (even I had one in my cleaning closet so I am sure the rest of the world will have some as well) and get creative.

Now pick a quote. Or a pattern. Or a sketch. Even dots or whatever you would wear on a shirt and paint it on. I chose a quote which accidentally matched the theme of my tote bag DIY.

You will notice the color change almost immediately after putting bleach on the fabric, dont forget to put a piece of cardboard in between the layers of fabric or you might have some bleach spots on the backside. You will have to layer the bleach, but after about 3-4 layers and 12 hours of letting it sink in, my shirt looked like this and I'm not 100% satisfied with it (mostly because I didn't pay enough attention to the lines) but I will still wear it more than I did before.

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