All this rain makes me want to run away.

May is almost over and it went by so fast, it's crazy! We went to our hometown and I spent a lot of time with my friends, I really missed them and I already miss them again. My mother and Carolina came to visit and it was the first time one of my friends visited me in Switzerland, pure bliss!

Originally I had planned to spend most of May swimming and on our patio but as there was next to no sun this month and temperatures are far below 20°C most of my time was spend indoors. I think I haven't been this pale in forever and I crave Vitamin D like water on a hot day.

Because of the constant rain I didn't have any motivation to take pictures either and I feel like I'm being inconsequent with my goals, so I made a bad-weather-survival-strategy which includes a new journal, a lot of tea and books as well as a 30 day photo challenge.

Talking of goals & challenges, I made myself a list of things I want to get better at, like being more patient and live consciously. It totally involves actually answering emails too because I've been a horrible friend lately.

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