30 day photo challenge: Intro & Day 1

As of today I will start my photo challenge. I found this particular list on pinterest, most of which I've seen are pretty similar to each other so I just picked at random.
Of course this will help with technique and such but the most important thing is that I will make a habit out of taking pictures.

The first day is 'Self portrait'. I actually put on makeup and did my hair so I would have a nice picture, later on I just sat outside in my pyjamas and a blanket and took a pic just for fun. And guess what? That one turned out to be the best portrait.
So today I already learned something: A portrait should show who I am, no fancy make up, no nice outfit. Just how I like myself best: relaxed.

I will still include the others, but judge for yourself, none of that is as 'me' or as natural looking as the one above:

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