Girl meets bike

If I had to chose one form of transportation to use for the rest of my life, I'd take the bicycle.
I discovered cities in Italy and India by bike, rode a bike through rice fields in Cambodia and went everywhere by bike in my home city. I love all about it. It's not too fast, so you won't miss any details but it's fast enough to not use "that's too far away" as an excuse.
You can park it almost everywhere, you can be spontaneous.

Unfortunately I have been very unlucky with owning bicycles in the past.
So I had this awesome bicycle my Dad left me, embarrassingly expensive, super fancy and it even had my Dad's name on it. Then it was stolen.
After an appropriate grieving time of about a week I went to get myself a new one. Second-hand, 45€ and the most beautiful mint color you could imagine. Oh how I loved it. Until it was stolen. About 3 weeks after I got it.
So whatever, after that I got the cheapest, shabbiest bike I could find for 20€ at the fleamarket.
I was sure no one would even attempt stealing something like this. Why would they?
I was wrong.
Bye bye bike number three.

So within only 6 months 3 bikes were stolen from me (and I swore revenge!) and for the past 8 months I was bike-less. Too frustrated (and broke) to buy a new one just to have it taken away from me again.

Until today.
When destiny spoke to me.

I was walking to the supermarket when I spotted a poor bicycle who fell into the river next to my house! Oh poor thing, I couldn't leave it in there, so ignoring the freezing water and the possibility of risking my health for a broken bike, I went into the river (and had a nice guy with his dog help me) and rescued The bike.

Now we shall be happy ever after.

in a nutshell.

I have a very rough six months behind me and another exciting six months ahead.
As much as I enjoy the changing and growing and also growing together as a couple, most of the time I am looking forward to the day when we finally arrive some place.
We have no idea where we will be 5 months from now and I embrace the adventure and freedom this brings but part of me just wants to be settled at a place where I have friends to meet, plans to make and places to go to. Travels to plan. Right now everything is uncertain.

I'm excited. I'm very curious. It's hard and amazing all at the same time.

Baking for the messy cook: Cake pops!

Last week I was invited to a first birthday party and to fit the theme of firsts, I made my very first cake pops!

Cake pops are everywhere. They are brilliant. I mean it's cake on a stick, this is the peak of evolution if you ask me.
By now there are a billion of recipes for this revelation of dessert out there in the internet so I'll spare you mine, instead I'll link you to the queen of cake pops and her basic instructions:

Bakerella cake pops instructions!

However, Bakerella is an experienced baker (or shall I say a baking goddess) so for the average mortal human although making cake pops isn't actually difficult, it might turn out to be slightly tricky.
So here I'll provide you with some basic tips for those of us who aren't gifted and talented baking geniuses.

FIRST: Trim the sticks! They shouldn't be too long or they'll break
under the weight of the cake balls. I forgot to do this and some
broke off. Next time I'll trim them to be about 15cm long.
SECOND: Heat the chocolate over hot water but make sure it doesn't
get too hot / or leave it over the hot water for too long otherwise
the chocolate will turn hard again and it's useless because nothing
will make it smooth after that. Believe me. I tried.
THIRD: Use a container that is deep but narrow (think coffee cup) so
the cake ball will fit even if you already used most of the chocolate.
FOURTH: Rotate the ball until it's completely covered in chocolate
and the chocolate had a little time to solidify, so you won't make a
terrible mess or have all the chocolate slide off the cake ball.
FIFTH: Styrofoam is messy. I found little white styrofoam balls all
over the flat for days. A smart and also cute way to avoid this would
be covering your styrofoam block in paper or fabric. You could even
use a small cardboard box instead of styrofoam.
SIXTH: The trickiest of it all is to transport them. Especially if you need
to transport 30 cakepops on a hot day in a non-airconditioned car for an
hour. Unfortunately I cannot give you a smart tip for this one but if you
have a solution please let me know!!!

I hope this helped a little.
These were gone within about an hour so it sure was worth making them and they taste amazing, so go for it! Do it!