Let's cook: Beet Risotto

The last time I ate beet must have been 10 years ago. My Dad used to make delicious beet salad with onions and I loved how pink it was! I've never been allowed to eat artifically colored food so beet was very exciting.
While grocery shopping last week I found they had pre-cooked beets and they were rather cheap too, yay! The beets ended up sitting at the counter for a week and I had no idea what to do with them since I already knew beet salad and wanted to try something new. When I had the day off today I decided it was time for them to be eaten.
Pinterest searching finally gave me this recipe for beet risotto! I love risotto! Sold. 
I just switched butter for coconut oil and used half of what the ingredient asked for so it was just enough for two. 
The taste of this is fantastic, very beet-y and red wine-y!
Take care

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